The Role of the Individual

The protection and improvement of thepopulation’s health is fostered by the responsibility of individuals for their own health and for that of their environment.
Everyone shall respect the rights of others to the protection of their own health, and to the prevention of diseases. Everyone shall furthermore respect the right to recovery and to rehabilitation.
Everyone shall have the right to
  • acquire knowledge on the protection and improvement of their own health, and to be informedonany issues and healthcare possibilities;
  • be informed on the features of the healthcareprovided by healthcare providers, their availability, the terms of their use, and patients’ rights;
  • to take reasonable responsibility, as could be expected of them, to care for their own health.
Everyone shall be obliged to
  • refrain from any conduct or activity commonly known to endanger the health of others;
  • to provide help, as could be expected of them, and to contact the competent healthcare provider should they become aware of any emergency requiring immediate assistance or any critical conditions endangering health.

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