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Obligations of the Patient

When using healthcare, patients shall observe the relevant legal provisions and the rules of the healthcare provider.
If allowed by theirhealth, patients shall cooperate with the healthcare workers involved in their care according to their abilities and knowledge, as follows:
  • inform them of all details necessary for a diagnosis, the preparation of an adequatetreatment plan and for carrying out the required interventions, in particular, of their history ofillnesses, medical treatment, medicinal drug use or use of products of medicinal effect, and their health-damaging risk factors;
  • inform them on every detail in connection with their illness which may endanger the livesor physical safety of others, in particular, of any infectious diseases;
  • in the case of infectious diseases, name the persons from whom they may have contracted the infectious disease andwhom they may have infected;
  • inform them of all former legal statements that they might have made in connection withhealthcare;
  • comply with the instructions received from them in connection with the medical treatment;
  • observe the house rules of the healthcarefacility;
  • pay all fees prescribed by law or determined by the healthcare provider;
  • show credible proof of their personal data.
The exercise of rights by patients and their relatives may not violate the statutory rights ofhealthcare workers.
The exercise of patients’ rights is regulated by the rules of the healthcare provider.

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