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The Right to Professional Secrecy

Patients shall have the right to have persons involved in their healthcare disclose theirhealthcare and personal data which they might learn in the course of delivering such careto those entitled thereto and to handle such data confidentially.
Patients shall have the right to make a statement as to who are to receive information ontheir illness and the expected outcome thereof, as well as to who are to be excluded from becomingpartially or fully aware of theirhealthcare data.
HealthcareThe health care data of the patient concerned shall be disclosed even in the absence of his consent thereto when ordered by law, or when required in order to protect the life, physical integrity or health of others.
Healthcare data, the absence of which may lead to the deterioration of the patient's health may be disclosed to a person in charge of the patient's further nursing and continuingcare, without the consent of the patient concerned.
Patients shall have the right to have present during the course of his examination and medical treatment only those persons, whose involvement is necessary; furthermore, those, to the presence of whom they consented to.
Patientsshall have the right to have their examination and treatment take place under circumstances whereby they cannot be seen or heard by others without their consent, unless this isunavoidable due to an emergency or critical situation.
Patients shall have the right to name the person who may be notified of their admission toan inpatient healthcarefacility and the development of their health, and they shallhave the right to exclude any person therefrom. The inpatient healthcare facility mustinform the person named by the patients of their admission and any change in their placement, aswell of any significant change in the patients’ health.

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