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The Right to Human Dignity

The patient’s human dignity shall be respected in the course of healthcare.
Only the interventions necessary for the care ofthe patient may be performed.
In the course of healthcare, a patient may be restricted in exercising his rights only for theperiod of time justified by his state of health.
In the course of healthcare, the patient’s personal freedom may be restricted exclusively in the interest of protecting the life and health of the patient orothers. The application of restrictive methods or procedures shall be ordered by the patient’sattending physician.
A patient may only be made to wait on grounds and for a duration which are reasonable.
In the course of healthcare, the patient's clothing may onlybe removed for the necessary time and to the extent that is professionally justified.
The Fundamental Law of Hungary furthermore prescribes that everyone shall have the right to physical and mental health. Hungary shall promote the application of this right by agriculture free of genetically modified organisms, by ensuring access to healthy food and drinking water, by organising safety at work and healthcare provision, by supporting sports and regular physical exercise, as well as by ensuring the protection of the environment.

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