The Right to Healthcare

Every patient shall have the right to
  • receive, in an emergency, lifesaving care, care to prevent serious or permanent impairment to health, as well as to have their pain controlled and their suffering relieved;
  • appropriate healthcare justified by their health;
  • choose their attending physicians, with the agreement of the healthcare provider of the level justified by his condition and the physician so chosen. This right can be exercised in accordance with the rules of the healthcare provider. Patients may initiate that they be examined by a second physician in connection with any diagnosis made or therapy recommended by their attending physicians, or regarding their planned discharge from an inpatient institution.
If patients cannot be given care appropriate to their health withinthe shortest possible time, then patients shall be informed which provider is able to do so.
If placed on a waiting list, the patient shall be informed of the reason for, and expectedduration of waiting, as well as of its possible consequences.

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