The Right to Have Contact

The right to have contact may be exercised by the patient subject to the conditions existing in the inpatient facility, while respecting his fellow patients' rights, and ensuring the undisturbed and smooth delivery of patient care. The relevant detailed regulation is to be set forth by the house rules of the facility.
In the course of his stay in an in-patient facility, the patient shall have a right to keep contact with other persons, either in writing or verbally and to receive visitors. The patient may forbid that the fact of his treatment be disclosed to other persons.
A patient in a severe condition shall have a right to have the person designated by him stay with him.
A minor patient shall have a right to have his parent, legal representative, or a person designated by him or by his legal representative stay with him.
A woman in childbirth shall have a right to designate a person of age to stay with her continuously during labour and delivery, and after delivery, to have her new-born baby placed in the same room with her.
Patients shall have the right to the free exercise of their religion, and to have contact with the appropriate clerical person.
The patient shall have a right to use his own clothes and personal belongings.

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