Exercising Patients’ Rights

Before providing care, at the time of admission, the healthcare provider shall inform patients on patients’ rights, their exercise and on the house rules of the healthcare facility.
Investigating Patient Complaints
Patients shall have the right to file complaints, in relation to healthcare services at the service provider or at the financing organisation thereof.
The healthcare provider and the financing organisation shall launch an investigation into all complaints filed, and shall inform the patients on the results thereof no later than within 30 business days. The right to file complaints shall not affect the patients’ right to turn to different bodies in order for their complaints to be investigated as prescribed by law. Detailed rules of investigating complaints shall be set forth in the internal regulations of the healthcare provider. See Patient Complaints.
Patients’ Rights Representatives
Patients’ Rights Representatives are those, who have a clean criminal record, a degree of higher education, and are not prohibited from engaging in healthcare activities, able to certify compliance with the conditions herein, and also in compliance with the rules on professional skills and to incompatibility as specified by law.
Patients’ Rights Representatives are tasked with the protection of patients’ rights specified by law, and they assist patients in getting to know and exercise these rights.
Patients’ Rights Representatives shall:
  • assist the patient in accessing medical records and documentation, and in posing relevant questions;
  • assist the patient in putting complaints into words and initiate the investigation of these claims;
  • in case of a written power of attorney, file complaints in representing the patient, at the management of the healthcare provider, or at the financing organisation thereof, or commence or partake in proceedings at the authorities having competence to decide on the matter at hand;
  • inform healthcare workers on rules relevant to patients’ rights, its modifications and amendments and their exercise.
Patients’ Rights Representatives shall only be entitled to act within the bounds of the power of attorney given by the patient, in matters involving representation.
Patients’ Rights Representatives shall be entitled to:
  • enter the premises of the healthcare provider;
  • have access to relevant documents;
  • address the workers with questions.
The Mediation Council
Parties may jointly initiate the non-litigious resolution of legal disputes between the patient and the healthcare provider with the inclusion of a Mediation Council.

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