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Quality and Safety

It is a fundamental pillar of the EU Directive that having regard to the values of access to good-quality healthcare, equitability and solidarity, cross-border healthcare shall be provided in harmony with the quality and safety regulations and guidelines prescribed by the country where healthcare is provided.
It is the most important objective of the Hungarian system of requirements to assure the quality of healthcare services and to ensure the rights of those providing and using the services.
The entirety of the rules guaranteeing the quality and safety of healthcare forms an integral part of the Hungarian healthcare system. The present reform of the healthcare system shall also mean the reform of provisions on quality assurance and patient safety. The Semmelweis Plan, as the basic document of the Hungarian healthcare reform, sets forth that:
“In this difficult economic situation, the issue of the quality of healthcare services shall be considered a high priority, i.e. to realize such care that is safe, secure, appropriate, timely, and as a result, fruitful and efficient, and is provided to the satisfaction of the patients. The objectives of this quality assurance policy, which correspond to the domestic directions of health policy and to European Union trends, are defined in respect of these principles.” (Semmelweis Plan)
Patients are protected by numerous safety regulations following their admission into the healthcare system as well as numerous rules assure the appropriate quality and patient safety in the course of healthcare.

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