Personnel-Related Conditions – Training

Pertinent laws and regulations prescribe in relation to most areas of healthcare that in order to carry out specific activities how many and how well trained healthcare workers are necessary. Only those qualified, involved in continued education, and registered shall be entitled to perform healthcare activities on their own. The certified public records on doctors, dentists, pharmacists, clinical psychologists and paramedical professionals is kept and maintained by the National Healthcare Services Center. The registers are available at the website of the Center.
The improvement of the professional knowledge of healthcare employees also serves the safety of healthcare. It is a prerequisite to the continued exercise of healthcare activities that employees participate in trainings and acquire required credit points.
The acquisition of a medical degree is contingent upon language examination in Hungary; therefore, no doctor, dentist, pharmacist, clinical psychologist or paramedical professional shall start their professional activities without an independent knowledge of a foreign language. Besides this, professional continued education also necessitates the knowledge of foreign languages since professional materials, conferences and specialized books are mostly available in foreign languages.

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