Care provided for EU patients arriving into Hungary

In harmony with the laws of the European Union and pursuant to Hungarian regulations, access to publicly financed healthcare shall be ensured to EU patients. This is realized through the fulfillment of two conjunctive conditions:
  • Citizens of EU Member States shall be entitled to use healthcare with conditions identical to those that are relevant to those insured in Hungary. Pursuant to this, in the case of referral-bound specialized care in Hungary (see hungarian healthcare system – referrals) except if it is incomprehensible to the healthcare provider or it is inconclusive as to the health of the patient and based on that as to the scope of medically necessary interventions, the healthcare provider (hospital or specialist physician) shall be obliged to accept referrals issued for EU patients in another Member State of the European Union by healthcare professionals entitled to issue such referral.
  • Patients shall pay the costs of care to the healthcare provider based on domestic rates.
The provision of care
  • EU patients shall be entitled to receive care on all of the so-called levels of progressivity (i.e. different levels to treat the disease, as it may become necessary).
  • Foreign referrals are accepted by Hungarian physicians as a default.
  • If foreign referrals are incomprehensible to the physicians, patients can be asked to present a Hungarian referral as well.
  • Admission onto the Hungarian waiting list shall take place in accordance with Hungarian rules.

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