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The activities of NPHMOS and OCMO in relation to cross-border healthcare

The structure of National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (NPHMOS) consists of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO) and national institutions under its management. The OCMO is controlled by the Minister responsible for Healthcare.
The OCMO is a central office, an independent central government body, led by the Chief Medical Officer.
The national institutions operate as independent fiscal authorities to carry out technical-methodological, scientific research, educational, training, record keeping, coordination, professional and specialist tasks.
The Chief Medical Officer exercises professional control over the NPHMOS and the national institutions administering public healthcare tasks, according to the national legislation and the articles of incorporation.
In order to enforce patient rights in cross-border healthcare the OCMO provides data and information to the NCP. The OCMO allows access for the NCP to the data related to operating permissions of healthcare providers and licensing procedures.
On the basis of request, the OCMO provides data to the NCP, which are in the register of health service providers, or of which the OCMO becomes aware during its activity, particularly the tasks carried out by the implementation of the EU law and European integration.

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